Game Design 

Education - BFA Project - Solo


Game Design Document

‘Legendary’ is a two player platformer/brawler set on the planets discovered by power hungry humans of the future. Focus on strong narrative foundation driving design choices and being easy to pick up and play with a friend. 

I developed each aspect of this game on my own, with programming and design assistance from a committee of professors.  

Education - Team Projects - Teams of 10 programmers and 10 artists working together to create a video game

Fight or Fright

Game Design Document

Fight or Fright is a 4 player online battle royal set in a mysterious haunted house on a dark and spooky night. Choose between three characters, fight back against the monsters, and gear up with a variety of long and short range weapons and abilities. Level up your stats by destroying the enemies of the house to become the spooky champion. After 5 minutes of monster slaying, all  players are dragged to the ultimate showdown to the death and the last survivor will be crowned the victor.  

My contributions include: team leader, character artist, scenario design, animator, graphic design

Bad Future Inc. 

Game Design Document

Bad Future Inc. is a single player 2D side scrolling stealth game. Break into a futuristic high tech facility to take down a rogue AI program. Players utilize stealth mechanics to get around different floors of the building while dodging drones and humanoid robots at every corner. No direct combat, only stealth takedowns and hiding. Levels are different buildings on the corporations campus each with a boss at the end. 

My contributions include:  team leader, production management, character artist, scenario design, graphic design